Feb 23, 2022 16:35 UTC

In this episode, we are going to touch upon the last parts of Imam Khomeini’s testament where he addresses the Iranian nation. The Imam reminds the Iranian nation about the costs they have paid and the hardships they have endured to overcome the enemies and to achieve victory.

Imam Khomeini (God’s mercy upon him), addressing the Iranian nation, writes in his testament that the pains and sacrifices are the cost for reaching lofty goals. He writes, “Once more, in the end of this testament, I make bequest to the Iranian nation that in this world the magnitude of tolerating troubles, pains, sacrifices and deprivations are compatible with the magnitude of the goal and its value and lofty degree. What you the noble and mujahid nation have risen for, have been pursuing and sacrificing your life and property is the loftiest, highest and most precious goal and purpose which has been and will be presented since the advent of the world till the end; and that is the school of divinity in the broad sense of it and the concept of monotheism with its exalted dimensions.” The school of divinity and monotheism mentioned by Imam Khomeini has its roots in the belief that Allah is the only being who deserves to be worshipped. Imam Khomeini continues in his testament, “The school of divinity in its broad sense and the concept of monotheism with its exalted dimensions is the basis of creation and its ultimate point in the vast arena of being and the degrees and ranks of the Unseen and the Seen; and it has been manifested in the Mohammedan school in its full sense, degrees and dimensions- and all efforts of great prophets (Greetings of God upon them) and the great Friends [of God] (Greetings of God upon them) have been made for that- and, without that, it will not be possible to reach the absolute perfection and the infinite majesty and beauty. It is that which has made the inhabitants of the earth superior to the denizens of the ethereal heavens; and what the inhabitants of the earth achieve in this journey will not be achieved by any creature in the whole creation publicly or secretly.”

Imam Khomeini says that the Iranian nation is marching in the way of the divine prophets. He writes, “You the mujahid nation are marching under the flag which is hoisted throughout the material and spiritual world. Know it or not, you are covering the way which is the only way of all great prophets (Greetings of God upon them) and the sole way of absolute salvation. It is through this motive that all Friends [of God] hug martyrdom and consider the red death “sweeter than honey”. And your youths in the battlefronts have drunk a sip of it and have become rejoiced; and it has been manifested in their mothers, sisters, fathers and brothers. And we should truly say, “We wish we were with you to achieve a great victory.” May that soothing breeze and that zealous manifestation be sweet for them.”

Imam Khomeini explains that the spirit of devotion and cooperation ruling in the society is one of the manifestations of this sweet sense. He writes, “We should know that this manifestation can be clearly seen in hot farms, in breathtaking factories, in workshops, in centers of industry, invention and innovation, and among the majority of the nation in markets, streets, villages and all those who have overtaken these affairs to serve Islam, the Islamic Republic and progress and self-sufficiency of the country. And as long as this spirit of cooperation and devotion is there in the society, the dear country is, God willing, immune against every harm. And thank God, the seminaries and universities and dear youths of the centers of knowledge and education enjoy this divine Unseen blessing.”

Imam Khomeini (God’s mercy upon him) continues in his testament, “My bequest to all is to advance, with Almighty God’s remembrance, towards self-recognition, self-sufficiency and independence with all their dimensions. And undoubtedly God’s hand is with you, if you be at His service and continue the spirit of cooperation for the progress and sublimity of the Islamic country. With the wakefulness, vigilance, devotion, self-sacrifice and the spirit of resistance and resolve that I see in the dear nation in the way of truth, I hope that, through Almighty God’s favour, these humane concepts will be transmitted to the posterior of the nation and every generation will enhance it.”

Imam Khomeini ends his testament with these words, “With a calm and confident heart, happy spirit and an inward hopeful of God’s favour, I take leave from the sisters and brothers and travel to the eternal abode while I am in urgent need of your good prayers. And I plead with God the Compassionate and the Merciful to accept my apology for coming short of service; and I hope that the nation will accept my apology for shortcomings and faults. They should go forward with power and resolve knowing that, with the departure of a servant, there will be no crack in the iron dam of the nation as there are more superior servants at the service. And Allah is the Guardian of this nation and the oppressed of the world.”