Aug 23, 2016 09:12 UTC

First we have a brief look at Iranian folk literature with the theme of prophets and holy figures. After this section we start relating a new story from the land of Iran. We hope you enjoy the program.

In the previous program we mentioned the role of prophets in Iranian literature in different ways. In such stories prophets have a healing role. Sometimes when the hero of the story is in a limbo and cannot get out the situation unless a supernatural power comes to assist.

The presence of prophets in such stories is sometimes in dreams and some other times in reality.

In Khavarnameh we see that the Prophet's clothes heal the wounded. Also we read that Khedr, the Prophet, treats the wounded including Amr Ayyar.

In Hamzehnameh it reads that Khedr by putting a green leaf on Hamzeh's eyes treats him and he regains his sight.

In Abumoslemnameh we read that Alaa, Talheh, and Abumoslem are treated by Imam Ali (Peace be upon him).

Here we start a new story from the land of Iran. Keep us company until the end.

Once upon a time there was a king who depressed as he had no offspring. One day when he was talking to his wife a dervish arrived at the palace extoling the Prophet and the Imams.

The king told his wife: "Now that we have no child, let's give the dervish some of our properties. Now fetch a golden plate for him."

The courtiers gave the plate to the dervish, but he didn't care a fig and told the king:

"I don't want that plate, but why are you and your wife so depressed?"

Then the king answered:

"I'm getting old but I have no child."

Then the dervish took an apple out of his pocket and said:

"Eat half of this apple and your wife should eat the other half. After nine months you'll have a son whom you should call "Javan Teegh” meaning Blade Man because his life depends on blade. After that son you'll have three daughters."

Four years passed and the king and the queen had a son and three daughters just as the dervish had predicted. Now the king had grown old and week and felt that he was nearing death. Then calling his son, he said:

"My son! I'm approaching death. Immediately after my death a man comes to the palace in order to propose to your sister for marriage. You should accept the proposal and do not ask any question. And when you are preparing my body for burying another man comes to propose your other sister. Accept the proposal and do not ask any question."

The son agreed and acted as the king had requested.

After the king's death, the prince had become depressed and walked all the way through the market aimlessly from morning to night.

Once in the market someone had brought his cat to sell. The prince bought it and on the other days he bought a dog and a dove.

After the prince came home, the queen called him and gave him the keys to all the rooms in the palace. The queen then told his son:

"As far as this palace now belongs to you, these keys should be with you."

Then the prince realized that his mother hadn't given the key to one of the rooms. Therefore he asked his mother the reason.

The queen then said:

"Forget about that room. There is nothing special in that room."

Insisting that he wanted to see inside the room, the prince took the key from his mother and went inside.

In the room he found a picture on the wall. As he looked at the picture he fainted and fell on the floor.

When he became conscious he asked his mother to whom the picture belonged and his mother said:

"It is Chelgis and no one knows her whereabouts."

The prince said:

"But I have to find her."