Nov 03, 2016 15:03 UTC

The amount of money which has been spent on the US presidential election campaigns in 2016 is equivalent to the least budget which is earmarked for uprooting Malaria in Africa within a period of five years.

Malaria continues to take its toll on human beings. Malaria is an infectious disease, which is coupled with fever, anemia, and enlargement of the patient’s spleen. Based on facts and figures, there were 214 million Malaria patients in the world in the year 2015; 88% of which lived in Africa.

Throughout the central and southern regions of Africa, 3000 children succumb to this fatal illness on a daily basis.

This is while this ailment can be prevented from spreading among children by allocation of $5 for preparation of each mosquito net.

 African countries’ economies have been hit the hardest by the blows that this terminal disease has dealt against human resources in Africa.

Figures show as of the beginning of the 21st Century to this date, African countries have in average allocated $300m per annum to combat Malaria and/or to treat the Malaria patients.

In other words, the cost of the US presidential election campaigns in 2016 has been tantamount to the minimum budget allocated by African countries to combat Malaria for a period of five years.