Nov 03, 2016 15:07 UTC

The cost of the election campaigns of the US Republican and Democrat presidential hopefuls, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, could have repaid at least half of Washington’s debts to United Nations.

The United Nations symbolizes global cooperation for resolution of problems that the international community is faced with.

Thus, the UN member states, based on their economic strength and a number of other criteria, make contributions to UN plans.

Meanwhile, at times, a few UN member states take advantage of their contributions to UN budget as a leverage to pile up pressure against this global body, and to change its conduct and decisions.

The US tops the list of such UN member states. Throughout Barack Obama’s terms in office, the US debts to UN reached $3bn.

Meanwhile, UN budget deficit disrupts this global body’s vital activities across the world. One of the UN activities is its peacekeeping missions in turbulent regions across the globe.

The budget allocated for the UN peacekeeping missions within the 2016-2017 fiscal year totals $7.87bn.

The costs of the election campaigns of the two US presidential hopefuls in 2016 could have covered at least one fifth of the budget allocated for UN peacekeeping missions in volatile regions, worldwide.