Nov 05, 2016 14:55 UTC

The cost of US presidential hopefuls’ election campaigns, in the year 2016, totals the 323-year budget of an organization that has been founded by the international community to dispel the threat posed by millions of planted mines across the globe.

Mines are one of the most destructive weapons that mankind has invented. They are usually planted beneath soil and at times are left at seas. They detonate with a touch or pressure.

Currently, 140 million mines have been planted worldwide, while another 230 million mines are stockpiled in global arsenals. The US is one of the twenty-four countries which produce mines.

Every day, at least 22 people lose their lives or are severely injured by the detonation of mines, which have been left behind.

Experts opine that mine-sweeping operations across the globe take at least a thousand years to complete.

The United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) is an international organization, which cooperates with eleven other UN bodies in a campaign against mines and cluster bombs. This organization’s budget is $4.62m per annum.