Nov 11, 2016 22:41 UTC

The expenses of the election campaigns of the two candidates running for president in the US nearly equals the annual budget world countries have allocated for UNICEF to assist the children of the crisis-stricken regions of Middle East and North Africa.

UNICEF is an organization which was established upon the decision of the UN General Assembly to rally support for the rights of children, and to assist them to meet their primary needs and to fulfill their potentials.

Children are the most vulnerable members of the human community amid war and insecurity. They suffer from incidents, which they have played no role in.

For instance, children in Middle East and North Africa, including Palestinian children, have faced many woes and difficulties.

Countries such as Iraq, Syria, and Yemen are going through their most turbulent phase in contemporary history. Meanwhile, the budget allocated for assistance to children in Middle East and North Africa totaled $1.4bn in the year 2015.

This budget is earmarked to help homeless and/or war-stricken children; to end malnutrition of children; and to reduce the rate of mortality among ill children.