Nov 22, 2016 10:34 UTC

Welcome to today's episode of the series Iranian Stories and Fables. At first we continue discussing the book One Thousand and One Nights and then take you to the land of Iranian stories. 

As you might remember in the previous episodes we said that the One Thousand and One Nights is the greatest and richest collection of tales most possibly originating from the oldest part of the Iranian book of Hezar Afsan or a Thousand Tales.

We also discussed the Persian, Indian, Baghdadi and Egyptian roots of the book.

Researchers believe that the stories which consist of subjects like trade or the stories with small simple anecdotes all include the theme of love. In such stories the caliph of Baghdad has an influential role in settling the issues and differences.

This is while the stories which mostly include customs and traditions as well as special features of countries are the latest and have their roots in Egypt.

In the stories of Baghdad every event occurs in a usual and simple manner without the intervention of spells and charms.

However in the Egyptian stories of One Thousand and One Nights we witness the events related to magic tricks.

Let's leave the rest of the discussion to listen to the rest of the story of the previous week.

We hope you'll enjoy it.

We said that once upon a time there was a dyer and a barber called "Abu Qeer" and "Abu Sabr", respectively and their workshops were located adjacent to each other in Alexandria. Abu Qeer was an imposter who told lies in doing his job as a dyer. Once, someone sued Abu Qeer because of his tricks. However Abu Qeer escaped the court ruling and set off a journey to another city along with Abu Sabr to start a new life. And now the rest of the story.

Abu Sabr and Abu Qeer set off the journey out of the city to start a new venture. They also agreed to share whatever they gained in this business.

So they went on and on until they reached the sea coast. Over there they got onboard a ship along with one hundred and twenty other passengers.

Abu Sabr was the only barber on the ship.

He told Abu Qeer:

"Oh brother! We have to spend some time on this ship and we need something to eat and drink. I have decided to look for someone who needs to have his hair cut and when I find one I will take back some bread from him in exchange for what I have done."

Abu Qeer then said:

"Good idea! Start the job."

He then lay back and went to sleep.

This was while Abu Sabr departed and went among the crowd to find someone who needed haircut. He went among the crowd and called until he found a customer and cut his hair. The customer in return gave him a coin. However Abu Sabr told the customer:

"I don't need money. Give me some bread instead. I need it more than anything else."

So the customer took the coin and gave some bread and cheese to Abu Sabr. He also gave Abu Sabr some drinking water. Abu Sabr, who was happy, went back to Abu Qeer.

Abu Qeer was sleeping when Abu Sabr came back.

Trying to wake up Abu Qeer, Abu Sabr said:

"Hey comrade! Wake up! I have brought you some bread, cheese and drinking water."

Abu Qeer ate the food and slept again.

This was while Abu Sabr went to look for more customers. He kept searching till he found two other customers. After cutting their hair, Abu Sabr got some cheese and water in exchange for the job.

After a while Abu Sabr became well-known among the ship passengers.

There was a man called Qebtan. He was one of the royal officials traveling by sea. Once he called Abu Sabr to have his hair cut.

Abu Sabr agreed and started his job. While doing so, Abu Sabr told his story to Qebtan.

Qebtan was a kind and generous man. He told Abu Sabr:

"Oh brother! As long as you are onboard this ship don't worry about food. Come to me every evening along with your friend and have your dinner with me."