Mar 22, 2017 11:21 UTC

In continuation of discussing the status of woman in Islam, in a couple of episodes you’ll be listening to the views of Ayatollah Khamenei on the daughter of the Prophet of Islam, Lady Fatemah Zahra (Peace upon her).

The Messenger of Mercy, Prophet Mohammad (SAWA), paid very much attention to his immaculate daughter Hazrat Zahra (Peace upon her). The Prophet of Islam said on the unmatched merits of this unique lady, “My daughter Fatemah is the master of the women of the world from the beginning to the end. She is part of my body, light of eye, fruit of my heart, my soul and a houri in human embodiment. When she stands at her mehrab to worship her Great and Glorious Lord her light radiates for the angels of heavens just like the stars shine for the inhabitants of the earth; and God the Exalted says, ‘My angels! Look at Fatemah the Lord of the world women who is standing before Me while she is shivering from My Awe and Grandeur and has turned toward Me with her whole heart. I take you as testifiers that I have immunized her followers from Fire.”

No doubt, these remarks are not the description of a loving father on his dear daughter but they indicate the lofty status of the greatest ever lady as expressed by the greatest ever creature.

Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says, “Fatemah Zahra is the significant Word of God and she is like a deep sea.”

The Leader believes that our tongue and words are unable to describe her and that we can realize a small part of her greatness via the signs existing in the remarks of the Prophet and his infallible successors. He says, “We have signs. That the Prophet is narrated to have said, ‘May her father be sacrificed for her’, is a sign. That the Prophet is narrated to stand up and go to her whenever she entered, this is a sign. These are greatness. That the world of Islam, no matter Shia or Sunni, have considered this noble lady with grandeur and reverence, is one of those signs. It is impossible that all wise men, scholars and thinkers from different denominations and beliefs are unanimous on a focal point throughout the history of an ummah and nation. This is but the indescribable greatness of that focal point. This is a sign itself. All this greatness is related to an 18 year old lady, a young girl! The oldest age that has been mentioned in history for Fatemah Zahra is 18-22 years old. From the reverence considered for her by the Commander of the Faithfull, from the reverence that has been mentioned in the narrations and remarks of the Imams (Peace upon them) one realizes how their words are brim with greatness and captivation toward Fatemah Zahra. Each of the Imams is a deep turbulent river which has watered and fructified the space of human cognizance and talents. And all of these streams spring from this fountain; the gushing fountain of Fatemah Zahra (Greetings of God upon her). The narrations of Imam Baqer and Imam Sadeq (Peace upon them), the greatness of Musa ibn Ja’afar and Hazrat Reza and the next Imams and the lofty status of Imam Mahdi (May our souls be sacrificed for him) are all the streams of Kawthar, that interminable Kawthar, that gushing spring. These are the blessings of Fatemah Zahra.”

Hazrat Fatemha Zahra felt pains and suffering since childhood. As an 8 year girl she strove with her father for the progress and bolstering of Islam. She assumed backbreaking hardships along her parents. Hazrat Fatemah (Peace upon her) suffered countless pains and hardships since her childhood. She strove for 8 years in Mecca along with her father for the progress and supremacy of Islam. During the She’b Abi Taleb Siege, when the members of Banu Hasehm clan were forced to live in boycott outside Mecca for three years, Hazrat Fatemah suffered excruciating conditions. When the Prophet was persecuted and insulted by pagan Arabs and sustained injuries she was the one who alleviated his pains. This behavior of hers was to the extent that the Prophet gave her the epithet of “Omm Abiha”, meaning “Mother of her father”.

This matchless lady was very polite and humble towards the Prophet, although their relation was brim with affection and kindness. Hazrat Fatemah Zahra (Peace upon her) said, “When the ayah was revealed that, ‘Do not consider the Apostle’s summons amongst you to be like your summoning one another’, I tried to call him ‘O Messenger of Allah’ rather than ‘O Father’. I called him in this way several times but he didn’t answer me. Then he told me, ‘Dear Fatemah, this ayah has not been revealed about you, your family and your progeny. You are from me and I am from you. This ayah has been revealed about the harsh among Quraish who are haughty and arrogant. Call me, ‘O father’ as it is more reviving for the heart and more satisfactory for the Lord.’

The sixth infallible successor of the Prophet of Islam, Imam Ja’afar Sadeq (Peace upon him) is narrated as saying, “After the passing away of the Messenger of God, Hazrat Zahra was very sad and restless. Therefore, Gabriel would come to her every day and console her till her martyrdom; and would inform her of the status of the Prophet and what will befall on his progeny and the news in future.”

Elaborating this narration, Imam Khomeini (God’s mercy upon him) said, “I don’t think this had taken place for anyone except the first grade of the Great Messengers. The issue of Gabriel’s descending is not a simple issue. It mustn’t be thought that Gabriel may come for everyone. There should be a complete conformity between the spirit of the person whom Gabriel comes to and the status of Gabriel who is the Greatest Spirit. I consider this virtue and merit above all other merits that have been mentioned for Hazrat Zahra. This merit is among the specifications of Hazrat Siddiqa.”

Hazrat Fatemah Zahra was the pride of the progeny of revelation. She radiates like a sun in history. Her peerless merits and virtues are equal to the merits and virtues of the Prophet and his infallible household.

Dear listeners, we finish this episode with a statement from the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei. He says, “A lady, and that in her young age, attains such a position that, according to some narrations, angels speak with her and present her the realities. She is Muhaddatha, meaning the one whom the angles communicate and speak with. This spiritual status, vast field and lofty summit is before all women in the world. Fatemah Zahra (Greetings of God upon her) is standing on this grand height, addressing all women in the world and inviting them to cover this path.”