• European hypocrisy: Empty words for Palestine, deadly weapons for Israeli regime

    Oct 27, 2020 22:52

    European governments have made it clear that they will not take a single action to dissuade – let alone punish – the Israeli regime for its repeated violations of international law. Not only did the EU fail to hold the Israeli regime accountable for its ongoing occupation and human rights violations, it is practically financing the Zionist regime, as well. Lip service is all that Palestinians have obtained from Europe.

  • Is Israel about to launch another war against Gaza or even Lebanon?

    Oct 20, 2020 08:33

    Palestinian political factions, including the two most prominent Party’s Fatah and Hamas, have vowed to follow a joint comprehensive plan of action to combat normalization, annexation, and the Israeli-US assault on the Palestinian cause.

  • Zionist regime demolishes 166,000 Palestinian homes since creation

    Oct 12, 2020 16:14

    A report says the child killing Israeli regime has demolished nearly 166,000 Palestinian homes since its illegal creation, adding that about one million Palestinian people have been displaced as a result of the Israeli occupation.

  • Palestinians are not numbers

    Oct 03, 2020 10:11

    Palestine can never be truly understood through numbers, because numbers are dehumanizing, impersonal, and, when necessary, can also be contrived to mean something else entirely.

  • Zionist regime promised to slow down home demolitions during COVID-19, it stepped them up instead

    Sep 26, 2020 13:03

    The Zionist regime destroyed nearly 90 Palestinian-owned structures last month, rendering 202 people homeless, half of them children.

  • When will the world stop ignoring what is happening in Gaza?

    Sep 17, 2020 04:36

    Today, Israeli regime is trying to maintain this state of catastrophe through regular military assaults, daily bombardments and aggressive surveillance. It is trying to force Palestinians into compliance by brutally attacking peaceful protests against its occupation and illegal settlement. It is trying to silence them through media campaigns that paint Palestinian people as "terrorists" and "savages".

  • Outrage growing over Bahrain’s normalization with Israel

    Sep 15, 2020 09:17

    Palestinian factions and the broader international Muslim community have expressed outrage at a fledgling trend of Arab-Israeli normalization that has so far seen the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain cozying up to the occupying regime under Washington’s auspices.

  • UN: Israeli regime’s handling of Palestinian prisoners amid COVID-19 “discriminatory” “violation of Int’l Law”

    Sep 13, 2020 17:00

    The Zionist regime’s neglect of Palestinian prisoners’ health is causing international concern that the coronavirus will spread like wildfire and infect the over 4,500 Palestinian prisoners living in dire conditions in notoriously overcrowded and unsanitary Israeli regime prisons, especially as the occupying regime has thus far refused to follow the World Health Organization and United Nations guidelines on the humane treatment of prisoners amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • The EU is rewarding Zionist regime for merely postponing violations of International Law

    Sep 11, 2020 17:36

    Normalizing the Zionist regime's suspension of annexation is equivalent to normalizing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to annex Palestinian territory at a later, as yet undisclosed, date. The EU should stop exploiting the Palestinian people for their diplomatic gains.

  • Hamas inflicts embarrassing political defeat upon Israeli regime

    Sep 06, 2020 12:10

    The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas strongly urges all Palestinian factions to sew up their differences in the face of measures targeting the Palestinian cause by the United States, Israel, and treacherous Arab regimes.