Feb 21, 2019 08:07 UTC

In the capital of Poland, the enemies of Iran met to indulge in the most senseless propaganda against the Islamic Republic, but failed to convince the European powers to join Donald Trump’s bandwagon against Tehran, although the illegal Zionist regime and reactionary Arab states slavishly followed the US.

Now we have a viewpoint column that appeared in this regard in Iran’s English language daily ‘Kayhan International’, titled: Warmongers axe their own feet in Warsaw as Iran’s star rises.”

Kayhan International said: “Defeated at every turn by Iran over the past forty years, a demoralized US in a desperate bid to delay the downfall of a deranged racist-terrorist Zionist ringleader – if not of Israel’s impending doom itself – held a theatrical show in Warsaw and indulged in the most senseless rhetoric against the Islamic Republic even while some world leaders were meeting in Sochi to resolve important regional issues. 

“Superpowers Russia and China refused to attend the 2-day farce in the Polish capital, and so did Federica Mogherini, the influential Foreign Policy Chief of the European Union, as well as NATO member Turkey, while none of the other 60 participating countries were represented by a president or a prime minister to join the likes of US vice president, Mike Pence, and Benjamin Netanyahu – both of whom raved and ranted in the most roguish manner for what they dream of changing the system of government in Iran.

“It is obvious that Washington has reached its wit’s end, and so have its clients in the Arab world, especially the spurious British-created fiefdom of Saudi Arabia, which though represented by lower level officials, took pride in rubbing shoulders with the Great Satan and the Zionist Devil.

“The unholy Trinity, which views the rising influence in the region of the popular system of government in Iran, could hardly conceal its joy in collaborating with takfiri terrorists yet once again in the cowardly killing in southeastern Iran near the Pakistani border of some 27 Iranian border guards riding a bus as the meeting of the mendacious opened in Poland – a country that to the embarrassment of the EU is pursuing a series of anti-democratic steps by silencing independent media, politicizing security services and undermining the judicial system.”

Kayhan International pointed out: “Pence and other US officials lavished praise on the Polish hosts for their slavish attitude towards Washington, while the home country’s foreign minister, Jacek Czaputowicz, though admitting that representatives of the three big European powers, Germany, France, and Britain, had spoken about the benefits of JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action) or the international nuclear deal with Iran from which Donald Trump the Dotard illegally withdrew, criticized the Special Purpose Vehicle that the EU has formed to continue trade with the Islamic Republic by circumventing Washington’s illegal economic sanctions.

“The EU recently finalized an economic mechanism called INSTEX (Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges) that is designed to allow companies to do business with Iran. According to a European official who requested anonymity: The world is angry at the Trump administration, and not angry with Iran.

“Meanwhile, in Sochi, Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted a summit with his Iranian and Turkish counterparts, President Hassan Rouhani and President Rajab Tayyeb Erdoghan, to prove to the world the eroding influence of the self-defeatist US in West Asia and the seriousness of countries that matter to resolve regional problems.

“In other words, it is Tehran, Moscow and Ankara, who would determine the future of West Asia, and certainly not Washington, let alone Tel Aviv or Riyadh.

“As Erdoghan made it clear, Turkey is willing to join the INSTEX and may also create a bilateral mechanism to facilitate trade with Iran, Rouhani exposed the evil intentions of the US by pointing out: “While we are taking new steps for boosting stability in the region and fighting terrorism in Syria, some who are sponsoring terrorists are hatching plots against the region in Warsaw.”

According to Kayhan International: “As observers pointed out, the warmongering words in Warsaw by the US and the Zionist regime, are a repetition of the Sharm ash-Sheikh meeting of the late 1990s which the Americans had arranged in panic in Egypt’s Red Sea resort, to try to give a second term to Zionist premier Shimon Peres with statements of hostility against Iran and its alleged support for terrorism – actually backing for the Palestinian and Lebanese freedom movements.

“The result, however, was disappointment for the US, as Peres lost the elections, while the Islamic Republic of Iran and the popular movements it backed went from strength to strength.

“Similar will be the result of the current fiasco in Poland, where as indication of the fast approaching doom of Israel, Netanyahu was forced to extend his stay in Warsaw Friday after his plane was damaged just ahead of takeoff when a pushback tractor crashed into the Boeing 777, thereby delaying the return journey of the Zionist ringleader well into Saturday or Sabbath, which Jews regard as an ill omen.”