• German minister tells Trump security not a commodity

    Jun 17, 2020 13:03

    Germany's top government ministers have criticized US President Donald Trump for threatening to pull thousands of US troops out of the European country under the pretext that Berlin was "delinquent" in its payments to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

  • Major US airbase in Afghanistan comes under Daesh attack: NATO

    Apr 09, 2020 11:05

    US-led NATO forces in Afghanistan say five rockets have hit a major American airbase in the country and that the attack, claimed by the Daesh terrorist group, left no casualties.

  • Washington’s new moves in Europe unnecessary

    Mar 09, 2020 15:28

    The new US-led ‘Defender-Europe 20’ exercise, which is months long and lasts from February until July, involves 20,000 US troops - more than those of all its NATO allies put together, and more than at any time in the past quarter-century. Although US officials do not say it is designed to counter an alleged Russian threat, the demonstration of US force capability comes after years of piecemeal reinforcements of NATO's eastern flank following Russia's annexation of Crimea in March 2014.

  • Russian S-400 air defense compatible with NATO's security system: Turkish FM

    Jan 23, 2020 15:48

    Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu seeks to assuage NATO’ concerns about Ankara’s purchase of advanced Russian-made S-400 missile defense systems, saying the military hardware is compatible with the alliance’s security systems.

  • NATO chief: Troop deployment not always best anti-terror option

    Jan 10, 2020 07:24

    The US-led NATO says troop deployment by the military alliance is not always the best anti-terror option as “the best way” is to enable local forces to fight terrorism, a day after US President Donald Trump called on other NATO members to take on a larger role in West Asia.

  • High time for NATO’s end for the sake of global peace

    Dec 13, 2019 14:15

    "NATO is the cause of the new arms race with Russia, including upgrading of nuclear arsenals. Therefore, the sooner it is disbanded the better for world peace and stability, since a relic of the cold war shouldn’t be reconfigured to prolong the US domination of Europe, or to pick up fights with Russia, China, and the Resistant Front of the Muslim World, or to launch suicidal space wars."

  • NATO no longer serves American interests

    Dec 10, 2019 20:07

    Quite simply, it makes no sense for U.S. taxpayers to subsidize the defense of nations capable of defending themselves. Shared interests will continue to justify military cooperation. However, the alliance as today constituted no longer serves American interests.

  • US professor disinvited by US envoy to Denmark over NATO criticism

    Dec 08, 2019 08:51

    The United States ambassador to Denmark reportedly banned Stanley Sloan, a visiting professor at Middlebury College, fellow at the Atlantic Council and former CIA analyst, Buzzfeed News reported.

  • Trump threatens trade action to spur NATO contributions

    Dec 06, 2019 07:41

    US President Donald Trump has threatened to take action on trade with countries that he says are not contributing enough to NATO.

  • Putin: US militarization of space can’t go unchecked

    Dec 05, 2019 13:28

    Russia has expressed concern about the growing militarization of space by the United States and its allies, warning that such hostile measures should be counterbalanced.